There's Keystone in every Great invention

Bringing High-Tech Solutions to Beer Bottling

August 20, 2018

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

Beer bottling has evolved a great deal since its early inception. In fact, it took several years after the first sales of sodas such as Coca Cola and beer such as Miller, which were originally sold only as fountain soda and draft beer, for beer to make it into a bottle.

In the early days, all bottling was done by hand––from washing and sterilizing the bottles, to filling the bottles with a hose, sealing the bottles with a cork, and then applying the label. But, as beer bottling technology evolved, automated bottling systems eventually replaced traditional hand bottling processes. 

What Does Modern Bottling Look Like?

Today, modern bottling operations rely heavily on automated bottling systems, allowing machines to handle each step of the process. The use of automated bottling systems has many advantages––particularly the high rate of bottled beer they can produce in comparison to hand-bottling systems.

Modern bottling technology uses several different components and equipment pieces, much like an assembly line, to complete the bottling process. For example, conveyor belts move the bottles through the bottling plant, while computers program the rate and frequency at which the bottles move through the system, fill speeds, and more.

The Role of Electronics in Automated Bottling Systems

Electronic devices play a very important role in modern bottling systems. As electronics continue to evolve with each new technological advancement, so do the automated bottling systems that use them, providing more energy-efficient and faster bottling processes. These devices not only increase the productivity of bottling technologies, but also enhance their flexibility to accommodate different types of bottling and beer.

Breweries are taking advantage of automated beer bottling equipment for several reasons. Automation can:

  • Accelerate production speeds
  • Improve reliability and consistency for labels, measurements and more
  • Work with a variety of bottle sizes and shapes

It’s hard to imagine not being able to enjoy a beer in a bottle. But, without the evolution of automated bottling technologies, bottled drinks wouldn’t have been a sustainable option. With continued developments in technology, however, automated bottling systems continue to become faster and more effective.

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