There's Keystone in every Great invention

Keystone’s New Catalog is Now Available

June 20, 2015

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Keystone Electronics Corp. is proud to announce to release its new, improved parts catalog.  This catalog, called Catalog M65, contains Keystone’s full line of parts and products, and is one of the most comprehensive resources to find quality interconnect components and other electronics hardware.

Our latest catalog will give you in-depth information regarding Keystone’s wide selection of products, which include: 

  • Battery Clips, Contacts, and Holders
  • Terminals and Test Points
  • Fuse Clips and Holders
  • Spacers and Standoffs
  • Pins, Plugs, Jacks, and Sockets
  • PC Board Hardware
  • Multi-purpose Hardware
  • Panel Hardware
  • And More!

Catalog M65 contains 152 pages of items, with hundreds of new products.  With such a range of product offerings, we can ensure you will find the required parts for any electronics or engineering application.  In addition to over 5,000 products, our catalog includes detailed drawings, specs, and photographs of the products in both Metric and Imperial measurements.

Keystone Electronics also has several manufacturing capabilities, which include custom stamping, precision tool and die making, and machining and assembly. With these capabilities, Keystone’s technicians can help you with any application-specific modifications you might need. 

With more than 65 years of industry experience, you can be sure that Keystone will produce the quality parts that you need for your projects. 

The new Keystone Catalog M65 product guide is completely free to obtain, and it is an ideal reference for electronics engineers looking for fast, easy access to dependable product lines.

The detailed information in the catalog helps to simplify finding and ordering the right part; this information is back by our long time expertise providing the highest-quality commercial and industrial electronics.

To order Catalog M65, please visit our company’s main website and fill out a brief order form. For more information, contact our sales department at 800-221-5510 or email: We are looking forward to hearing from you!