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Keystone's President Troy David Interviews on Wireless Design and Development's Hotseat Program

March 17, 2014

Keystone Electronics Corporation president, Troy David was a recent guest on Wireless Design and Development’s Hotseat program. During his interview, Mr. David discussed several topics including the introduction of the company’s latest line of enclosure coin cell contacts.

As an industry leader in coin cell contacts and the first to design and manufacture the low profile contacts, Keystone Electronics continues to address market needs. The company’s next generation SMT enclosure contacts are designed for self-contained compartments. While many companies manufacture similar products, Keystone’s approach is unique and extremely beneficial to the marketplace. Our engineers and designers chose to address the need for standardization, making it possible to use this line of contacts with any product. In other words, OEMs no longer need a contact designed for a specific product or application.

These contacts work with a range of coin cell batteries with cell diameters from 16 mm to 30 mm and incorporate gold plating and phosphor bronze material, used for its conductivity. This combination of plating and materials provide a very reliable product for use in a variety of industries ranging from medical devices to consumer electronics. It is also the reason Keystone Electronics remains the industry leader. While competitors may copy the company’s products, none can replicate the company’s strength—its engineering prowess. We do extensive product engineering and testing, assuring customers they receive a product that performs well in the field.

These contacts make insertion (and removal) of coin cell batteries on the product easy without the need to physically open the entire product in order to replace the battery—a feature deemed extremely beneficial by OEMs.

Going forward, Keystone Electronics sees two trends dominating the industry in the foreseeable future— smaller size requirements and increased demand for coin cell applications. Many companies, particularly those in the medical industry are making their products smaller creating demand for contacts that fit smaller sizes.

The other trend, increased demand for coin cell applications, is driven by widespread availability of the lithium battery. The most widely used battery currently is the standard 2032, powering many products in computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. These batteries, once hard to find, are now available in most retail outlets. Based upon these two trends, it is likely that coin cell technology usage will continue to increase for years to come.

Two factors determine success in the coin cell industry. The first is maintaining open communications with OEMs and industry insiders. Having this level of communications allows Keystone Electronics the ability to react quickly and adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. The second is having strong design capabilities to come up with high quality and cost-effective solutions. As a result, Keystone anticipates continued strong growth in part due to the strength of the U.S. market.

Finally, most may not realize Keystone Electronics offers the marketplace more than coin cell contacts and circuit mounts. The company is the recognized leader in contacts. In fact, the company prides itself  as being the global leader in interconnect components, producing items including spacers, standoffs, fuse clips and holders, test points and terminals.

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