There's Keystone in every Great invention

Keystone Salutes Industry Professionals MFG Day

September 28, 2015

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Keystone Electronics has served the manufacturing industry for nearly seven decades. During our tenure, we’ve supplied companies with high-quality, precision interconnect components that are well-suited for diverse applications.

Our products are specifically designed for advanced OEM electronic instruments and systems. These products are used throughout the world, but that’s not the only way we support industry professionals.

For the last few years, Americans have celebrated Manufacturing (MFG) Day—this is a collection of dynamic, interactive events that are meant to encourage participation in the manufacturing industry. Each October, manufacturers all over the country open their doors to over 50,000 teachers, students, and community members to address the state of the industry.

MFG Day helps spark interest in pursuing relevant careers in manufacturing; this goal is shared by the entire Keystone team, as we are strong proponents of STEM education.

FIRST Competition photo courtesy of Adriana M. Groisman.Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs play a critical role inspiring the next generation of manufacturing professionals. Each year, Keystone supports the FIRST Robotics Competition, a special event in which students from across the country compete in technology-themed games. Our precision fuse clips and fuse holders have been included in FIRST kits each of the last five years.

The purpose of these events is not only to inspire others, but to ensure customers continue receiving quality products at reasonable prices. With 65 years of industry experience, Keystone is well-equipped to suit any of your company’s manufacturing needs.

In addition to supplying a wide array of electronic components, our team also supports clients with several custom capabilities.

Keystone’s state-of-the-art facilities enable our engineers to provide exceptional stamping, machining, and assembly services for your product needs. Our capabilities are backed by notable industry certifications, including ISO 9001:2008.    

Our country helped establish the manufacturing industry decades ago, and MFG Day is a great opportunity for professionals to reflect on the challenges they’ve overcome, while looking forward to the future of the industry.

Contact Keystone Electronics today to learn how we can best support your company’s applications.

FIRST Competition photo courtesy of Adriana M. Groisman.