There's Keystone in every Great invention

Let The Cord Go, Let It Go, Let It Go

December 20, 2021

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

Battery-Powered Razors and Their Electronics

The art of shaving has long been centered around attaining the smoothest and cleanest look possible. Traditional cut-throat and safety razors tied users to water and soap or cream, while the first electric razors kept us tied to the nearest electrical outlet. The introduction of  batteries allowed for the words “shaving” and “convenience” to be mentioned in the same sentence, making “shaving-on-the-go” a reality. 

From young adults to seasoned vets, battery-powered razors have become a solid go-to when it comes to gift-giving. And in the height of the holiday season, what better time to dive into one of the greatest gifts electronics can provide?

History of the Electric Razor

The original electric, dry razor was patented in 1928 by Jacob Schick; a concept based on a device with a sliding cutter with large, external motors powered directly by household electricity. By 1931, Schick had figured out a way to produce a handheld electric razor that could house a small but powerful electrical motor. Although there was much debate on whether these new handheld razors could produce a closer shave than the old-fashioned blade and shaving cream, the thought of shaving without needing water or cream was enticing enough to make the electric razor a hit. Despite relying on a cord and an electrical outlet, the revolutionary design paved the way for continued innovations and the evolution of handheld electric razors. 

Breakthrough with Battery

Nowadays batteries, both replaceable and rechargeable, have increased the ease of use for all kinds of handheld razors. From three-headed rotary blades to foil covered razors, Keystone components such as battery clips, holders and contacts can be found in the most advanced electric razors.  

Keystone Electronics’ products such as Battery Clips, Contacts & Holders play a contributing role in making your electric shaving experience and other hand held devices reliable and convenient.