There's Keystone in every Great invention

Take a Virtual Tour of Keystone’s Advanced Facilities

September 2, 2015

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

For over 65 years, Keystone Electronics has led the electronics industry by designing and manufacturing OEM interconnect components and related hardware. Our high-quality products are well-suited for application needs in diverse industries, such as telecommunications, automation and robotics, information technology, and others.

Our company is committed to providing electronic components, custom capabilities, and responsive services that are unmatched throughout the industry. This commitment is reflected in our cutting-edge manufacturing and processing facilities—we invite you to learn more about our company with this virtual video tour.

Staffed by highly-trained and experienced professionals, the Keystone facilities are replete with several modern technologies: a state-of-the-art tool room, advanced CAD and CAM software, and 3D modeling equipment. Our facilities are also equipped with machines that perform various custom manufacturing processes.

Keystone’s custom capabilities seamlessly integrate any of your company’s design or production needs. Our engineering team creates metallic or non-metallic materials that are equal parts versatile and cost-efficient.

  • Stamping – Our tool and die makers specialize in precision stamping, which includes foursliding, wireforming, high-speed blanking, in-die tapping, and progressive die stamping.
  • Machining – Thanks to automatic machining capabilities, our team can produce highly accurate turnings ranging from .020” to 1” in diameter.
  • Assembly – Keystone’s engineers have mastered several value-added assembly procedures, such as riveting, swaging, eyeleting, soldering, and crimping.

All of Keystone’s manufacturing capabilities are backed by several industrial certifications. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is a prime example of our dedication to quality designs and products; this certificate is our assurance to implementing the most efficient organization, manufacturing, and customer service practices possible. 

Visit Our Site for More Information

The Keystone Electronics Company Site is your one-stop-shop for innovative products—such as battery clips, contacts, and holders, fuse clips and holders, and PC board or multi-purpose hardware—that are available in standard and custom specifications. Be sure to check out our Dynamic E-Catalog for specs on all of Keystone’s product offerings. You can also obtain a physical copy of the catalog by filling out a brief form online. Additionally, this form can be used to submit part drawings for quotation or to ask our team any general or technical questions.

At Keystone Electronics, it’s what’s on the inside that counts—contact us today to find out how we can support your next application.