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The Keystone Part Builder: The Right Part Made Easy

October 28, 2015

At Keystone Electronics, we’re proud to offer a full-line catalog of products engineered specifically for OEM Designers and Engineers. These are the parts that come together in state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments and systems, and we readily meet most standard requirements with over 5,000 products.

Here’s how to find just the right one with the Keystone Part Builder.

Step 1: Choose a style of product

The part builder works in two broad categories.

•   Standoffs and Spacers: Available in a variety of materials, sizes and configurations, these are the devices used to mount, support and separate circuit boards, chassis, panels and other components.

•   Instrumentation Handles and Ferrules: Providing sturdy support in addition to a quality appearance, these parts are available in a wide assortment of sizes, configurations, materials and finishes to match drawers, trays and panels of all kinds.

Once you’ve chosen a category, the part builder will help you further focus your style selection. For example, choices for Standoffs and Spacers include:

•   Female Standoffs and Spacers

•   Male-Female Standoffs

•   Metric Standoffs

•   Swage Spacers and Standoffs

•   Force Fit

Step 2: Select the attributes

Once you’ve found your part style, build out its ideal attributes. Material, height, length, hole size, outside diameter, thread and panel thickness are some of the customizable options, depending upon the style of part listed.

Upon making your selections, submit them with the Search Standard Parts button. The part builder will compare your request to all the possible parts in the Keystone inventory in search of a match.

Step 3: Pick the part that fits, or build custom

The part builder will list all of the inventory options to match your criteria. Additionally, the part builder displays the part number, detailed specifications, PDF and STEP files, as well as purchasing options.

Sometimes the perfect part doesn’t just come off the shelf. If your search doesn’t reveal an ideal choice, the part builder offers an immediate option to request a custom part quote. Our full shop offers in-house modification and fabrication services, including design and engineering, precision tool and die capabilities, close tolerance stamping, machining, assembly and more.

Whether custom or stocked parts, the final quote form, displayed automatically, will remember your required attributes and selections, and will be submitted directly to our team from the part builder. Try it for your next project!