There's Keystone in every Great invention

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January 15, 2020

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.
Throughout the season of giving, we are reminded that one of the greatest gifts a person can receive is a clean bill of health. Advancements in medical device technology are enabling people to live longer, healthier lives. The modern medical market sees remarkable innovations every year that improve diagnostics and treatment procedures to improve patient care. Portable and wearable devices have experienced significant growth in the past few years for both in-patient and in-home applications.
Common types of portable and wearable devices include diagnostic technology like ultrasound machines, x-ray machines, and CT scanners; monitoring equipment for vital signs, sleep monitoring, neuromonitoring and glucose monitoring; therapeutic devices for pain management, respiratory aids, rehabilitation aids, and much more.
There are many motivating factors that have accelerated the evolution of portable and wearable medical devices. First, these devices can shorten a patient’s hospital stay. Enabling a patient to check-out of a hospital faster is a desire for medical staff, patients and insurance companies alike. Patients can still be monitored for changes in bio-signs, but from the comfort of their homes.
How Consumer Technologies Enabled Medical Advancements
Technologically speaking, reasons for this growth include the large number of electronic-based innovations, many originally designed for other industries. Wireless device technology, specifically smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and digital cameras, all contain high-performance semiconductor chip and integrated circuit technology. These advancements offer incredible functionality at a fraction of the size and cost compared to what was commercially available just several years ago. Wireless protocols have also evolved to support more user traffic and the accompanying increase in data transmission. 
Consumer devices, like cell phones, have also led to significant enhancements in rechargeable battery technology. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries offer significantly more battery life with space and weight savings compared to previously used Nickel-cadmium and Nickel-metal hydride. Higher-capacity lithium-ion batteries can operate a cell-phone for 3 to 4 days under normal operating conditions. 
The best smartphone battery can work up to 7 days. Li-Poly is the latest and most advanced technology for cell phone batteries. This makes the batteries ultra-lightweight, they do not suffer from memory effect and will deliver up to 40 per cent more battery capacity than a Nickel Metal Hybrid. 
Advancements in consumer technology have greatly impacted mission-critical portable and wearable medical devices. Portable and wearable medical devices play a large role in providing better support and care for patients. OEMs are under pressure to develop smaller and smaller portable and wearable medical products that are not only ergonomically appealing, but rugged and reliable in everyday operation. This includes resistance to vibration, shock, liquids and more. Rugged components must be utilized to ensure high-performance and waterproofing characteristics vital to a wide range of portable and wearable medical applications.
Keystone Electronics Keeps Devices All Charged Up!
Keystone Electronic products are commonly found in a variety of medical devices both big and small. Portable and wearable medical device manufacturers rely on Keystone battery clips, contacts and holders to keep things powered up. Look closer at larger portable medical devices, and you’ll find Keystone Electronics fuse clips and holdersPCB test points & terminals;spacers and standoffs; panel hardware and.PCB plugs, pins, jacks, and sockets.
In addition, Keystone's quality system is ISO 9001:2015-certified by DNV Certifications under the RAB and RvA accreditations, and compliant with RoHS and REACH directives. The company's quality assurance program is in accordance with these directives, and applies to all standard and custom interconnect components and hardware. It is Keystone's policy to continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of customers and to deliver quality products.
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