There's Keystone in every Great invention

A Year for the History Books: Keystone Wraps-Up 2016

December 15, 2016

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Keystone lit up 2016 as we continued to design and manufacture top-quality interconnect components and electronic hardware. In each of our 15 blogs you probably noticed our motto “there’s a Keystone in every great invention.” And in each post, we worked to explain what that meant for us as a company and team. For the past year, we have been blogging about topical news to highlight how Keystone products are an integral part of our everyday lives. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite topics. 

Sports Entertainment: Electronic Touchdowns in Media

Because sports are broadcasted media events, our connection goes directly from the field to the spectator. The Super BowlMarch Madness, and baseball go beyond the athletes and the ball. The televised events, scoreboards, Jumbotrons, and game clocks are all electronically driven. Bottom line, the way we enjoy sports wouldn’t be what it is today without Keystone’s involvement. 

Blasts from the Past: Advancements in Technology Make Modern Day Milestones

It’s easy to forget how easy life is today without visiting the past. The products we rely on in our daily lives make chores more bearable than ever. Keeping our homes clean is much easier with conveniences like vacuum cleaners as we looked back at their history just in time for spring cleaning. The story of the electric fan brought us to a time when beating the summer heat was nearly impossible. And as we revisit summer, keep in mind that electronics play a huge role in your boating and water fun.

Notable Times of Year: Keystone’s Contribution to Common Calendar Events

Many events focus on a certain time of year or have a dedicated month to highlight an important message. These notable days helped us to connect electronics to the routines and habits of society. From renewable energy, Earth Day, back to school electronics, or fire safety and awareness month to election day, Keystone is part of our yearly customs.

Never Fall Behind: New Product Newsletters

In addition to monthly blogs, we’ve been posting Keystone’s most recent news to keep you up to date on our latest products. If you’ve missed any, the updates are archived so, please take a look back.

This has been one great year of electronic connections for the team here at Keystone Electronics. We hope you’ve enjoyed the reading just as much as we’ve enjoyed the writing! 

Many thanks to all of our readers and customers who help make our company one of the greats! From our family to yours – Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!