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Beyond the Drink: A Look Inside Today’s Soda Machines

July 12, 2016

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

As the summer season kicks off we’re taking a look at one old school alternative to beat the blistering heat. Soda, a popular drink choice year-round, really is a sweet treat when enjoyed in moderation. And believe it or not, this bubbly beverage has been around since the early 1800’s.
The History of Carbonation 
But how did water morph into one of the more common drinks in refrigerators across America? The year was 1771 when Joseph Priestley began to toy with carbon dioxide. Priestley experimented by putting what he called “fixed air” into uncontaminated containers of water. He noticed that the water absorbed its own volume of carbon dioxide when upset for thirty minutes and resulted in the first filtered glass of fizz water. In 1819, a man by the name of Samuel Fahnestock invented the soda fountain that would eventually spread in popularity for many years to come (Challoner, 210).
Today’s Machines
Since the days of Priestley and Fahnestock well-known soda companies such as Coca-Cola have come out with a variety of dispensing machines.  They are commonly found in restaurants, fast food chains, ball parks, amusement parks, Fourth of July celebrations, carnivals and more.  
In the 1940’s “soda jerks,” or baristas behind the counter, would manually mix carbonated water and syrups to create this special concoction. Today, the typical soda fountain gives you the option of about six different beverage selections, although newer models are starting to increase in capacity. Simply hold your cup to the lever and out comes your drink of choice. Most recently companies have come out with ways for you to make your own soda at home.
How They Work
The traditional self-serve machines are pre-programmed to dispense a mix of carbonated water with various flavored syrups. Mechanisms that make each machine include connectors, pumps, carbonators, tubes, regulators, and more. 
Key Components 
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