There's Keystone in every Great invention

How the Sun Powers Agriculture

April 18, 2017

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Over 40 years ago our government designated April 22nd as Earth Day, beginning the modern environmental movement. Over the years we have seen renewable energy improve in technology and grow in popularity. Solar energy is pretty common and highly visible today with residential installations through the roof (get it)? So in honor of Earth Day, we’d like to talk about a specific area where solar power and Keystone’s components are having an impact.

Solar Energy’s Role in Agriculture

Solar power has the capability to run all types of electrical systems. Solar has cut the cord allowing power to areas where it was once unattainable or unrealistic. For instance, solar power is being used to run complex crop irrigation systems. The pumps that transport the water are running on solar energy converted into electricity by a generator.  

In addition to crop irrigation, farmers are using solar power to run a wide range of systems including livestock watering, crop and grain drying operations, greenhouse heating and cooling, and as a remote electricity supply for field equipment.

Being Green

The growing renewable energy market is beginning to make a difference in generating power without contributing greenhouse gasses to the environment.  It’s a global movement, and one we should all be supporting, to reach the end goal of clean energy for the future. As costs for renewable energy continue to decrease, green energy is expected to become more competitive. Here at Keystone, we know where the sun shines and which way the winds blow.

Keystones Role in Green Initiatives

Plants can access the sun’s power directly but for electricity generation, solar energy must be converted into usable power. That’s where Keystone comes in--we develop and manufacture components that are designed to handle safe power conversion and withstand the tough environment found in photovoltaic systems. For example, our solar fuse holders are specifically designed to protect and insulate SPF Fuses. Fuse holders accommodate Midget fuses in thru hole, surface mount, and snap-in mount configurations.

Happy Earth Day and the renewals that each spring promises! Remember to follow Keystone through our Twitter, LinkedIn and blog posts!

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