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Illuminating the Appeal of Holographic Fireworks Displays

July 3, 2018

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and it’s time for celebration, which often includes fireworks. The displays are beautiful and exciting, but they are also loud and can be dangerous in many places, such as densely populated metro areas. Thankfully, new technology provides the potential for a safer, quieter visual experience that won’t disrupt your neighbors and can occur indoors or outdoors. This new solution is called holographic fireworks displays.

What are Simulated Fireworks?

When it comes to entertainment, fireworks are amongst the top picks for shows on July 4th and other special occasions. More companies, including Disney, are putting a fresh spin on pyrotechnics by exploring the concept of holographic fireworks displays. One example is projection systems. Disney wants to take recreational fireworks a step further, recently filing a patent to recreate pyrotechnics using diffracted light beams for special effects at shows within their mega-amusement parks.

Disney is also researching “Feeling Fireworks” for blind or visually impaired guests who would not otherwise get to enjoy the breathtaking sights. By combining a projection system with tactile technology, Feeling Fireworks would enable guests to feel when lights explode in the sky and in what directions.

For digital displays and feeling fireworks, the processes are much more high-tech than traditional fireworks. They require necessary electrical components, instrumentation, and all of the accessories that go along with these connected systems. A lot of work and equipment goes into making a display feel “real” and impressive to audiences.

Another simulated option is to use lit-up drones. These aerial vehicles with colored LED lights would replace traditional fireworks as a more modern art form. The “Shooting Star” drones use location-specific technology to keep formation and can be pre-programmed to stay close without crashing into one another during shows.

Key Benefits to Holographic Fireworks Displays

Simulated fireworks can occur virtually anywhere and be indoor or outdoor, all with a much lower risk of fire hazard or injury. The holograms are also more reliable than traditional pyrotechnics that may be disrupted by wind, rain, poor ventilation, and other conditions.

Furthermore, veterans with PTSD and people or pets who are sensitive to loud noises and sudden flashes of light will not have to endure the whizz bangs of traditional fireworks. An indoor show could occur nearby, and they would not even hear it.

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