There's Keystone in every Great invention

Keystone Breaks Down Motorboats for Summer Festivities

June 15, 2016

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

With summer coming up in short order, everyone is looking to get into the outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. For some of us, this may mean leisurely kayaking trips, bicycling, and more. For those who love the water, and love a thrill, it is time to break out your motorboats. Whether you are using them for towing water skiers, heading out on a fishing trip, or just enjoying the feel of speed on water, motorboats are a great way to enjoy the summer. Every motorboat utilizes a range of electronics, from simple starters and ignitions to complex navigation, autopilots, and more.
Electronics for Running the Boat 
As time passes, more and more features involved in the performance of the boat are reliant on electronics instead of mechanical power. These are features that get you the speed that motorboats are known for, and that makes them so desirable and enjoyable. It also includes equipment that helps create a safe boating environment - getting back to the docks safely should always be your goal.
Displays, including touch screens
Ignition and throttle components
Electronic speed and performance control for ease of use
PLB – because safety is always good to have close by
VHF Radio
Emergency Signaling Device
Weather systems, specifically satellite weather
Electronics for Navigation
On the open waters or in lakes or rivers, proper navigation can be the difference between being safe, or finding yourself in a heap of trouble. Whether it is finding your way home or navigating shallow waters, electronics equipment makes your life much easier. Our components can be found in gear including:
Navigation systems
Autopilot systems
Chart Plotters
Radars, including radomes and displays
Electronics for Fun
For many boat owners, it’s more than just hitting the water and going full-speed ahead. Whether you are heading out for fishing, partying, sight-seeing or other activities, you will have a variety of pieces of equipment that will be either useful, or absolutely necessary.
Stereos, including subwoofers and amplifiers
Televisions and computers
Fish-finders, including imagers and side-scanning units
Satellite phone
Gyroscopic Binoculars
Here at Keystone Electronics Corporation, we produce a wide variety of electronic components that helps you to enjoy your summer motorboat experience. Our full line of components includes fuse clips and holders, contacts pins, plugs, jacks, spacers, and so much more to provide reliable, fully-functioning electronics. So please remember to be safe out on the water, and if you find yourself in need of components for electronic repairs to your motorboat and associated equipment, make Keystone Electronics Corporation your first stop!