There's Keystone in every Great invention

What Smart Tech You Can Expect in the Classroom this Year

September 5, 2017

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Classrooms haven’t changed much, but the teachers and students within them have. There are still desks, bulletin boards, and cubbies, but as the times change everyone and everything is going digital. Today’s classrooms have embraced technology as a learning tool. As always, technology continues to move at breakneck speeds and the education system is joining forces to coordinate lessons with the tools that students are familiar with outside of the classroom.

How Technology Engages Students

Most children are exposed to technology from day one. In the modern era, cellphones tablets, and laptops are ingrained in our culture. The interactive nature and boundless content of smart devices attract a student’s natural tendencies and curiosity—and, BONUS, they are fun. Kids literally have information at their fingertips. Today, touchscreens are everywhere, including in the classroom. By utilizing these technologies, the school day connects to life before and after school too.

The Classroom Experience

The most obvious change to classrooms today: the chalk board. It’s (not figuratively) gone from black to white. Bottom line, black boards are out and white boards are in, and being called to the board is exciting. Who would have thought? A whiteboard is a large interactive display where students act as a computer mouse to answer questions and control the lesson. The market for whiteboards is expected to grow over 6% by 2020, with new tech mobility capabilities. “Smart” options work for collaborative group projects outside of school.

Many schools and organizations are purchasing tablets or laptops for students to use as they would a textbook. These learning tools allow students to explore and search for timely information and immediate answers. Immediate voice driven devices like HomePod, Alexa, and Google Home are also growing more interactive. If you can think it, you can get an answer for it.

Keystone Transforms Classrooms

None of this technology would be possible without all of the parts and plethora of resourceful information that makes up the whole. Here at Keystone, we manufacture the electronic component parts that OEMs rely on to make their products work. We supply high-quality PC board hardware, terminals and terminal boards, and panel hardware that bring classrooms to life with interactive and captivating technology.

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