There's Keystone in every Great invention

System Innovations: Tankless Hot Water

December 9, 2015

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

As a result of modern technology, temperature-controlled, running water is an expectation in modern homes and businesses. Tankless water heaters are environmentally efficient, compact, high-power tools that make this luxury possible.

What is tankless water heating?

Also known as continuous flow, inline, on-demand, flash, instant-on, or instantaneous water heaters, tankless water heaters instantly bring water to temperature as it actively flows through the appliance. No water is held internally, like a traditional boiler; it simply flows through a heat exchanger coil.

High efficiency heat exchangers allow tankless water heaters to use less energy — sometimes up to 40% less — than traditional water heaters. An electronic ignition switch eliminates the need for a pilot light, saving energy when the heater isn’t in use.

Because tankless water heaters operate on demand, they can provide a constant, unlimited stream of hot water for users, even to multiple fixtures simultaneously. They’re also highly flexible with space and installation needs — a tankless water heater can be as small as a suitcase, and can fit in compact spaces both indoors and out.

Lower operating costs, less waste, and size-specific model choices make tankless water heaters extremely efficient and easy to integrate within existing environments. While the technology is relatively new, it’s growing every day.

Custom Components from Keystone

For more than 65 years, the precision parts and specialty hardware from Keystone Electronics have helped engineers build the future. Water purification, pasteurization, and tankless water heaters are just a few of the systems enhancing the quality of daily life with the use of electronic components and controls.

Quick Fit Terminals, Fuse Holders and Clips, Standoffs and Spacers, Multi-Purpose-Hardware including cable clamps, mounting brackets, screws and panel hardware all play a role in the compact assembly and operation of a tankless hot water heater.

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