There's Keystone in every Great invention

The Game: So Much More than a Basket and a Ball

March 15, 2017

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Basketball is one of America’s most played sports. It’s no wonder that modern technology is setting its sights on this favorite past time. New developments require electronics parts and equipment that improve the game. With Keystone products, you can be sure that players and fans will experience only the best both on and off the court!

College Hoops - as Exciting as Ever!

March Madness is here and the NCAA tournament teams are continuing to fight it out. It has been a wild season so far as the weekly rankings shifted dramatically. Can Villanova do it again? Will there be a sleeper team? Will it be Gonzaga? (Where is Gonzaga anyway?) Selection Sunday was this past Sunday, March 12th. The tournament tipped off on last night with the Final Four facing off on the weekend of April 1st. We wish you the best of luck with your brackets!

The Big Men (and Women) on the Courts

The NBA season is in full swing and the WNBA season starts on May 13th. Today, basketball relies on numerous analytics to improve athlete performance and success. A new wave of tech now measures and analyzes players to enhance performance.

State-of-the-art motion capture technology is standard in almost all arenas. This tech captures player and ball movement throughout the game and collects over 4 million data points/game.  Wearable tech that monitors a player’s vital signs during the game provides information on player conditioning and endurance. All of these data points collected during a game help to improve coaching, scouting, and performance.

Beating the Buzzer

Basketball is a fast-paced exciting game already, but the addition of technology improves it even further. Although you might not directly see how the tech influences the game, we know how to make it work (for the players and viewers across and beyond the country) . Our high-quality parts and components are vitally important to running the systems that collect the data currently being used. We have the electronic hardware and interconnected components that deliver analytics and metrics throughout the league.

The next time you’re at a basketball game, or any other sporting event, think Keystone!

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