There's Keystone in every Great invention

What’s Ahead for Keystone in 2016

January 27, 2016

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

So just how important is the electronics industry? It is the industry that starts the year with the New Year’s Eve ball drop at midnight, but if that doesn’t convince you, it is the industry that paved the way with the first big trade show of the year— at CES 2016. The Consumer Electronic Show was held the first week in January and brought the latest technology trends to the marketplace. It highlighted the products and gadgets that are at the forefront of innovation this upcoming year.

This year’s show featured high-tech electronics that continuously appeal to a wide range of audiences. CES’ hosts emphasized a mix of new ideas and refinement of past technologies, such as: advanced wearable health monitors, IoT connected devices, drones, and virtual-reality systems. Drone systems continue to improve in range and function, about 100 new drones being introduced in January alone.

The best thing about our industry is that it is ever evolving. Annually, we are amazed by the new ideas that arise, not knowing an invention was something to be wanted or needed across all industries. However; one factor that will always remain constant throughout the high-tech industry - the need for precision interconnecting components and hardware. These vital parts are required to deliver the high-quality performance that is expected of today’s electronic components.

As a global leader in designing and manufacturing of interconnect components and electronic hardware, it is our work with electronic OEMs that enables parties to produce the products and gadgets that are reshaping how we interact with each other, our devices, and the world at hand.

Before any products are presented at the CES show, they need to be designed and manufactured. It all starts with one idea and then moves towards production. At a show such as the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Trade Show, suppliers and industry experts get together to showcase new manufacturing technologies and capabilities. These advances enable the industry to produce a multitude of state-of-the-art products. This show takes place on Feb. 9-11 in Anaheim, CA and Keystone will be exhibiting our custom capabilities, components, and hardware in Booth 3355.


CES 2016 highlighted the latest and greatest electronic innovations to date, but shows like the Pacific Design & Manufacturing expo are held to introduce next generation merchandise. As these advances move into production and continue to grow, Keystone will remain an integral part of furthering the complex electronics industry.

To learn more about how Keystone drives modern electronics, please feel free to contact us.