Flat & Shoulder Washers (Fibre & Nylon)

For #2 through 3/8" Screws
Offers Strength, Durability and Attractive Appearance

Keystone offers a large assortment of Nylon and Fibre Flat Washers, Shoulder Washers and Bushings.

Nylon or Fibre Flat Washers

Flat Washers
Flat washers are manufactured in 0.032", 0.047" and 0.062" (0,81mm, 1,19mm and 1,57mm) thicknesses and for clearance holes ranging from #2 through 0.375" screws (M2 through M8). Outside diameters for the washers range from 0.187" through 1.000" (4,75mm to 25.40mm). Materials consist of Nylon grade 6/6 per ASTM D4066, Commercial grade fibre per ASTM D710 and Zinc Plated Steel


Nylon or Fibre Shoulder Washers

Shoulder Washers & Bushings
The fibre shoulder washers are manufactured with outside diameters of 0.250" to 0.750" [6,35mm to 19,05mm] in 0.062" [1,57mm] increments in thicknesses of 0.032", 0.047" and 0.062" (0,81mm, 1,19mm and 1,57mm). Clearance holes are made to accommodate #2 through 0.375" screws (M2 through M8) in a choice of mounting hole diameters from 0.125" through 0.250" (3,18mm to 6,35mm) to fit panel or chassis holes in thicknesses of 0.015" to 0.031" (0,38mm to 0,78mm). Material is commercial grade fibre per ASTM D710.

The Nylon shoulder washers and bushings are available with outside diameters ranging from 0.181" to 0.513" (4,60mm to 13,03mm) in thicknesses from 0.030" to 0.062" (0,76mm to 1,57mm). Clearance holes are made to accommodate #2 through 0.250" screws (M2 through M6). The mounting hole diameters are from 0.125" to 0.312" (3,18mm to 7,92mm) with thicknesses from 0.025" to 0.750" (0,63 to 19,05mm). Material is molded grade 6/6 Nylon ASTM D4066.

Availability is from stock through Keystone's Global Distributor Network. Application engineering services are available to meet special customer requirements.

Refer to Keystone's Product Design Guide for our complete product offering and specifications.


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