I-Clamps - Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) Wire Splice

Quick and Reliable Wire Splices 

Taper proof wire connector

Simple Installation

IPC - Insulation Displacement Connectors

For use with 12 - 18 AWG Insulated Wires

Splicing wires by using wire nuts and electical tape is both time conuming and unreliable.   The wires need to be cut, stripped, properly twisted and then the wire nut is screwed onto the twisted splice.  Most often electrical tape is added to the nut to assure that the nut does not fall off leaving exposed wires.  This is a labor intensive, time consuming process.  The quiality of the connecton and time spent making the splice is entirely based on the skill level of the intaller.  There is no way to visual inspect the splice when using wire nuts and electrical tape..  
I-Claps provide a quick,reliabe, and taper proof connection without the need to strip the wires.    The K-Clamp will pierce the insulation and make a reliable contact in one step.   Electrical contact is no longer dependent on the expertise of the wiring installer.  The connector is perminant and can not be tampered with.   Works with both 7 stranded wire and solid wire.  Replaces electrial tape and wire nuts with clean easy to use perminent connection.  


The I-Clamp, IPC is designed to connect to the conductor of an insulated wire by a process which forces sharpened blades through the insulation, bypassing the need to strip the insulation before connecting. When properly used, the connector blade cold-welds to the conductor, making a theoretically reliable gas-tight connection.               Designed for solid or 7 strand wire

Easy to use:

1.    Insert unstripped wires into the I-clamp             2.  Compress the I-clamp until locked



T-series - used for branching a wire

Use T-Series connectors when you want to branch off of a common wire run.  The connector opens to allow the wire run to be tapped off without cutting or stripping the insulation.    

Cat No. Description  
8380 16 AWG branch from 14 AWG main wire
8381 14 AWG branch from 10 AWG main wire
8382 12 AWG branch from 10 AWG main wire
8383 18 AWG branch from 14 AWG main wire


Two Way series - for adding fixtures or components

Use Two Way Series connectors when you want to add a fixture or component.   The connector can be preassembled onto compont.   Onece intalled, the wiring can be completed by simply attaching the wire to the existing wiring.   


Series Cat No Description  
Two Way 8360 1 wire, 14 AWG splice
8361 2 wire, 18 AWG splice
8362 (2) 14AWG wires to (2) 18 AWG wires
8363 (3) 14AWG wires to (3) 18 AWG wires


One Way series - for splicing lines  

Use One way series for connecting several lines toigether.    Eliminates twisting wires together and adding correct wire nut and electrical tape.    Connection can be inspected because connecter is made from translucent polycarbonite.



One Way 8370 2 wire, 14 AWG splice
8371 3 wire, 14 AWG splice
8372 4 wire, 14 AWG splice
8373 2 wire, 2 circuit, 14 AWG splice
8374 2 wire, 12 AWG splice
8375 3 wire, 12 AWG splice
8377 4 wire, 12 AWG splice




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