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High Current "True" Zero ohm SMT Jumpers

January 15, 2015

Our new series of “true” Zero ohm high current SMT Jumpers designed to replace “Zero” ohm resistors, are the latest connectivity devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp.

Quickly and easily set-up, these new Jumpers are uniquely suited as true zero ohm resistor replacements. Three resistor chip sizes are offered to simplify designs and footprint template compatibility: 0603 chip size, Cat. #5110; 0805 chip size, Cat. #5106 and 1206 chip size, Cat. #5108.

Manufactured from Copper with Silver plating, these Jumpers pro­vide a low impedance and circuit linkage with an identical footprint as a zero ohm re­sistor.  Ideal for high-density, high current PCB applications, the new Jumpers are supplied on tape and reel per ANSI/EIA-481 standard for compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems.