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Newsletter - June 2019 - Vol. 7

June 17, 2019

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  June 2019- Newsletter - Vol. 7
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
Learn about Keystone's innovations
New Retainer for 5.8mm Micro Batteries
A new, miniature button cell retainer suited for most power watches, toys, calculators, remotes, portable medical devices and others utilizing high density PCB packaging has expanded Keystone Electronics Corp's selection of SMT battery retainers.
These new retainers are engineered with reliable spring tension to assure low contact resistance while firmly securing the battery within the retainer.
This new surface mount micro retainer accepts all 5.8mm diameter lithium and silver oxide batteries from all major manufacturers and is compatible with all soldering and reflow operations. Importantly these retainers are manufactured of Phosphor Bronze with solder tails located outside of retainer body to facilitate visual inspection of solder joints.
Availability is with Tin-Nickel plating to accommodate both lead free and low temperature reflow soldering. Request Cat. # 2986 in bulk or on tape and reel Cat. # 2986TR. Compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems, are an added feature. A thru-hole version is also available, request Cat. # 2987
Easily Installed, Molded Self-Adhesive Bumpers
Crack-resistant, molded Polyethylene, self-adhesive bumpers equipped with high-strength adhesive backing to guard against vibration and slippage on equipment, chassis and panels.   
Easily installed, these new "stick-on" bumpers firmly adhere to equipment surfaces while protecting internal components and preventing nicks, scratches and scuff marks.  Available in black or clear rectangular (flat) or cylindrical (domed) shapes.  Sizes from .250" to .500" diameters. Packaged on sheets.  
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