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Miniature SMT Test Point

March 28, 2012

A new, miniature SMT Test Point featuring symmetrical flat-wire design to efficiently and safely test PCB's is the latest addition to the Keystone Electronics Corp. test point selection.

This latest "Mini-pad" version enables high-strength, test point-to-PCB bonding, with a minimal footprint. In addition to cost-saving, this low profile entry accepts a variety of gripping probes to replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals. As such it is ideal for testing circuitry of high density PCB packages.

Manufactured from Phosphor Bronze with Silver Plate which can accommodate the use of both lead-free solder and traditional reflow processing . Packaging is on tape and reel with Catalog No.5019 on1,000 piece reels Catalog No. 5029 on 5,000 piece reels. All are compatible with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems.