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December 17, 2021

Volume 9 | December 2021
Innovative Products from Keystone
Miniature Metric Binding Post Screw Terminals
The latest innovation from Keystone Electronics Corp. are miniature, screw terminal type binding posts suited for 22-14 AWG wires designed for use in high density PCB packaging.
Rated 15 Amps, these compact, low profile terminals feature easy access for horizontal wire entry and are available in a horizontal or vertical screw position facilitating a broad range of wire management and design applications.
These screw terminals are manufactured from Brass with Tin Plate to ensure low contact resistance and ease of use on PCBs. Mini Binding Post screw terminals are supplied with an M2.5 threaded Zinc Plated Steel screw which is pre-installed for simplified installation
Cat. # 8734 - Horizontal Orientation of lock down screw
Cat. # 8730 - Vertical Orientation of lock down screw
Cat. # 8737 - Vertical Orientation of lock down screw with wire contact
¼" Male, Quick-Fit PCB Tabs on Continuous Reel
New packaging for our diverse selection of Quick-Fit, PCB terminal
s. These male tab terminals are specifically designed on a continuous reel (strip) to be compatible with standard automated insertion equipment - reducing as
sembly and processing time. 
Manufactured from Brass with a Tin Plate, these Quick-Fit Terminals ensure easy installation and soldering to a PCB and are packaged on reels as a "drop in" replacement for existing product. 
Cat. # 1287-R ¼"-wide Male Tabs with .312" height
Sturdi-Mount Style -designed to keep the terminal perpendicular to the board during and after soldering
Cat. # 1287-STR ¼"-wide Male Tabs with .312" height
Cat. # 1289-STR ¼"-wide Male Tabs with .540" height
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