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July 18, 2020

Volume 8 | July 2020
Water Resistant Product Spotlights
IP65 Water Resistant AA Battery Holders
Keystone Electronics has met the increasing demands for water resistant and reliable AA battery holders with the introduction of our latest covered plastic battery holders.
These self-contained battery holders can be placed on or off a board, or between components, cards or anywhere within a case or piece of equipment as spaces allows. In addition to portability, these devices also feature coil spring contacts to compensate for variations in battery length and to securely hold batteries in place, assuring positive, low contact-resistance connections.
Engineered with sealing gasket to provide a watertight compartment for AA batteries, these self contained battery enclosures are IP65 rated for water, dust and other harsh environments. Manufactured for increased durability from molded ABS plastic, the contacts are Nickel Plated Spring Steel. Included in these enclosures are 6" long #26 AWG pre-tinned wire leads for simplified installation and a built in, sealed, on-off switch for additional product security.
Cat. # 2438 - For 2 AA Cells
Cat. # 2439 - For 3 AA Cells
Cat. # 2440 - For 4 AA Cells
IP68 Water Resistant RJ45 Network Connectors
Keystone offers an extensive series of waterproof connectors suitable for 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet) applications.
These RJ45 jacks and sockets are IP68 rated for underwater, dust and other harsh environments. Manufactured for increased durability, these waterproof devices can endure a minimum of 500 insertion cycles. Jacks are fully compliant with IEEE and IEC standards, Rated for 125 VAC RMS.
A variety of styles are available to accommodate design applications with numerous mounting and port size options including an RJ45 plug housing and waterproof cable jack cover and connector assembly
Cat. # 988P - Cable Plug
Cat. # 989C - Socket Cover
Cat. # 987 - IDC Panel Mount Socket
Cat. # 986 - 8 Pin Panel Mount Socket
Cat. # 961H - 8 Pin Connector for use with 986 Socket
Cat. # 985 - Thru-Hole Mount PCB Socket
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