Key-Pad Dome Spacer P/N

Clear Polyester spacer material will provide the proper spacing between the circuit board on the   protective cover sheet.    The spacer will ensure that the edges of the domes will not cut or damage the protective layer and still allow for the protective layer to flex enough to activate the dome.  It is supplied as a large uncut sheet with an acrylic adhesive on one side to allow the spacer to be mounted directly to the PCB.  Prior to mounting, holes need to be punched to make spacer for the Key-pad dome array.  The clear polyester spacer material will help in the assembly process by allowing the board to be visible during the assembly process.    The pockets left in the holes of the spacer material will help keep the Key-Pad domes in place during the assembly process.


  • Supplied as 38" x 24" sheets.
  • Total height:  .009" [235µm]
    • - Acrylic Adhesive  - .002" [50µm]
    • - Polyester Spacer -  .007" [185 µm]
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Key-Pad Dome Spacer

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